Student Leaders Inauguration Ceremony (2011 – 12)


The Student Leaders Inauguration Ceremony 2011-2012 was held on Oct 3, 2011. All the newly established student bodies and leaders, including the Student Union, the Prefect Team, the House Committees (Saviour, Priest, King, Christ), the Sports Association and the Music Association, were presented badges, which signify the importance of their duty in SPKC. All these student leaders took oath before the Bible, principals, teachers and schoolmates that they would strive for excellence in all areas and promised to be role models in SPKC. Besides, there were representatives from 14 other Service Teams who were introduced and went on-stage to take a bow so as to symbolize their serving role in School.
Special thanks to Ms Vivian JIANG (Chairperson of the 2nd Student Union) and Ms Flora NG (Head Prefect 2010 – 11) who shared what they learnt and experienced in their term of office last year. All these contributed to the success of the Ceremony, which was a milestone to the student leaders who were already appointed to the serving position officially.
學生領袖就職典禮 (2011 – 12)
The 3rd Executive Committee of Student Union
The Head Prefects and Vice Head Prefects of Prefect Team 2011 – 12
The House Captains of Saviour, Priest, King and Christ House 2011 – 12
The Chairpersons of Sports Association and Music Association 2011 – 12
Student leaders taking oath in the inauguration ceremony.