Student Leaders Inauguration Ceremony 2009-10


Student Leadership Training Camp
27 November 2009 – 28 November 2009
Student Union Committee and Four Houses Committee members participated in the Student Leadership Training Camp at Y’s Men-YMCA Wong Yi Chau Youth Camp on 28-29 November 2009. In this camp, students have learned how to discipline themselves, make decisions and most importantly, how to cooperate with others.
Saviour House Committee
Priest House Committee
King House Committee
Christ House Committee
Students’ Union Committee
Students participated in a series of team building games. They were asked to line up really quickly to learn discipline and concentration.
They had to cooperate and complete a few tasks together. For example students and teachers had to make a raft with logs, bamboo canes and ropes. After tying the logs and bamboo canes tightly with the ropes, they rowed in the raft at the same rhythm in order to successfully reach the buoy faraway in an adverse current.
Students have learned how to set appropriate goals and make decisions by doing tasks orientation. First they had to decide how many tasks they could finish in the given time. If they reached their goal, their marks would be doubled. Most students set a really low goal in the first round. Then they set a much higher goal in the second round because they knew they could achieve that. Through a series of tasks, students have realized that some members in a group need to take the initiative to lead the group, whereas the others need to listen to others patiently and comply with the final decision.
Most students underestimated their abilities and had a rather low self-esteem. After completing a series of tasks that they had not done before, they gained more confidence in their abilities, capable to work with others and get to know each other more. All these will surely help them to be a leader and role model in our school.