SPKC in Drama Festival 2013 / 2014



The Drama Club performed in the Hong Kong School’s Drama Festival for the first time in March 2014. The cast and crew spent nearly 4 months rehearsing tirelessly for the 20 minute performance entitled ‘Macbeth INC.’
A modern adaptation of the famous Shakespearean tragedy, Macbeth Inc. was set in the world of corporate raiders and futures traders in Hong Kong. The production crew truly took ownership of the production by designing their costumes, sets, props, lighting and posters.
The three witches open the play, chanting in gym gear.
Chief Executive Officer Duncan and his entourage visit Macbeth’s home.
Macbeth, “corporate raider, futures trader”, imagines seeing a dagger.
An unexpected guest; the ghost of Banquo intrudes on Macbeth’s dinner party.
Lady Macbeth and Macbeth plan and plot their next move in their quest for power.
The judges give their feedback to the drama team.
The actors worked hard at memorizing their lines and characterization. The results were very pleasing; with awards for Commendable Overall Performance, Outstanding Stage Effect and Outstanding Performers.
SPKC Drama Club 2013/2014. Awards for :

  • Outstanding Stage Effect,
  • Commendable Overall performance and
  • Six Best actor awards.