SPKC 5th Anniversary Open Day


SPKC 5th Anniversary Open Day
14 November 2009
Our 5th Anniversary Open Days was a great success! We thank God for the beautiful weather and all the events came together smoothly.
Open Day Ceremony
On our Open Day Ceremony, we started off with worship. We praised our Lord for His greatness and His wonderful Power. We gave thanks to God for leading and blessing our school for the past 5 years. We had overcome a lot of hurdles and hardships through divine grace and God gave us bigger and better things. We promised to pass on Jesus’ love to our next generation.
Then the school badge model was unveiled by Dr. Marcus Chiu our school supervisor and Prof. K. C. Ho of OUHK to start the Open Day Commencement Ceremony. The school badge was assembled to show the meaning of each component. The shield of the school badge represents the courage to overcome changes and difficulties. The emblem of Hong Kong Stewards symbolizes Jesus Christ died for our sins. The Bible represents the fact that we educate our students to live in accordance with God’s words. The dove signifies the Holy Spirit guiding our lives. The candle symbolizes the light of truth glowing in darkness. The fruit symbolizes our duty to nurture our students in order that they may yield good fruits. And lastly, the Cross symbolizes that Jesus died for the world so that we can have eternal life.
Game Stalls
Each class had their own game stall, designed and ran by the students themselves. All game stalls are divided into 4 themes: Community Service (S4 and S6), Our Thanksgiving (S2), Jesus Loves You (S1), and SPKC’s Features (S3). Students and parents enjoyed the games and fun while getting to know more about our school and our Lord. Students worked really hard to collect as many stamps as possible to win our beautiful school souvenirs.
School Souvenirs
We have specially designed school souvenirs for our 5th anniversary, including assorted pens, re-stick memo pads, magnetic bookmarks, USB flash drives, and our most popular teddy bears of 4 houses.
Special Rooms
Different subjects have their own special rooms for parents to get a glimpse of studying in SPKC. For example, there were dissection demonstrations, determination of vitamin C experiments, demonstration of onion cells and a microscope to use at our Bio Lab. Parents can try to use invisible ink to write a secret note at our Chem Lab.
At our Student Performance Centre, we have an array of performances for parents to see. We have Hand Chime Teams playing angelic pieces like Surprise Symphony and Londonderry Air, Chinese and Western instruments performances, English, Putonghua and Cantonese speech recitations, English debate demonstration and last but not least, the School Choir beautifully singing All Things Bright and Beautiful and Find Us Faithful.
Student Performances
We also have performances on the school basketball court. Students demonstrated their creativity by organizing a fashion show. They designed and made their own clothes, showcased their International eyesight. We commend those student models that wore designed clothes and walked gracefully in such cold weather.
Briefing Sessions
Over 1500 prospective students and parents attended the briefing sessions to learn the details of our admission for academic year 2010 to 2011. Our principal, Mr. Peter Yuen, has explained our school philosophy and goals. Our current students and parents shared their feelings and experiences about studying in SPKC.
Grand Opening of Stewards Pooi Kei College Liberal Studies Park
On 14th November, 2009, the Grand Opening of Stewards Pooi Kei College Liberal Studies Park was held. On that day, our school Vice-principal and Supervisor of Sustainable Development Team, Dr. Ruby Cheung shared with our guests about the development and objectives of the Park. Moreover, she introduced our guests to the Park’s facilities. Then, the School Management Committee of SPKC and our honourable guest, Professor Ho Kin Chung officiated at the Opening Ceremony. It was our great pleasure to have Professor Ho to share his inspiring speech and the importance of environmental conservation and sustainable development. The visitors enjoyed themselves and found the Park meaningful and educational. The Park is of paramount importance to cater for students’ needs under the NSS curriculum, promote the whole-person development and develop the generic skills of students. Most importantly, the Park serves the community and promotes the messages of environmental protection and sustainable development. In addition, our Green Ambassadors organized guided tours at the park to promote a green school and lead a green life.
To conclude, this 5-year celebration is just a start for our school. There is still a long way ahead. With the support of all parents and students, we are certainly headed in the right direction. In the future, we pray that God will continue to bless us for many years to come.