Soap Recycle


SPKC RIC (Stewards Pooi Kei College Rotary Interact Club) was thankful to be sponsored by our Mother Club, the Rotary Club of Shatin, to hold a voluntary activity at the non-profit organization, Soap Cycling on Saturday, March 9, 2024. The organization works with partner hotels to collect soap and bottled amenities, which are then sorted, cleaned, and recycled by volunteers. The finished products are then dispatched to NGO partners for on-ground distribution within impoverished communities across Asia.

After understanding the mission and work of Soap Cycling from the staff, our voluntary activity started.

All our students were well-prepared and enthusiastic to participate in this engaging voluntary work.

Patient and skilled volunteers with experience demonstrated the process of “renewing” used soap to us.

Our students eagerly grasped the process of renewing the soap and took pleasure in doing so. Additionally, some of them even took the extra step of carefully crafting words such as “Hello” and “Bless You” onto the soap.

Their enjoyment of the process was amplified by the knowledge that their actions would contribute to improve hygiene for children in the Philippines this time.

In the end, we made 40kg of “new” soap. Do you know how many children in the Philippines will benefit from the 40kg of “new” soap?

Our students were filled with excitement as they packed the 40kg of “new” soap, knowing that it would bring benefits to 40 Filipino children. It was an incredible and fulfilling voluntary work experience. Good job, Pooikeinians!