Sea Level Measurement Device Design Competition


The Sea Level Measurement Device Design Competition, organized by the University of Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Observatory and the Hong Kong Meteorological Society, was held successfully on 3 May 2015. Two groups of our students have been awarded among over 30 teams of participants. They meet and work weekly starting from October 2014. Their hard work and attitude of learning is highly appreciated.
Awardees with the Principal and the teacher advisor Mr. Harry Lau
First Runner-up (Senior category) 高級組亞軍
Group Name 獲獎隊伍: RIVER
Members 成員:
5P Chan Man Hei 陳旻晞
5P Chan Hing Nin 陳興年
5P Chan Kin Wai 陳健維
5P Wong Chun Fung 黃鎮烽
The group of S5 students wins the First Runner-up. Their product makes use of two ultrasonic sensors to increase to range of detection. Moreover, one of the sensors can move up or down according to the change of water level, which can decrease the measurement error due to long distance. The data collected are uploaded to the Internet automatically and displayed in a real-time graph, a table or a simulation model.
Merit and The Best Presentation Award (Senior category) 高級組優異奬及最佳演繹獎
Group Name 獲獎隊伍: 403 Forbidden
Members 成員:
3F NG Ho Man 吳灝民
3J WONG Tat Ho 黃達濠
3P MAK Chak Wing 麥澤榮
3P WONG Chun Hei James 王俊禧
The group of S3 students wins the Merit and The Best Presentation Award. The main theme of their product is “Fusion with the nature”, using disposed items and environmental friendly materials to build their “Tai-O stilt house”. When the water level is higher than the alert line, the mobile phone, which is connected to the device, will give alert sound to notify the user.