S6 English Inter-School Oral Practice 22/23


The S6 English Inter-School Oral Practices were held successfully in December 2022 and February 2023. The participating schools include Carmel Pak U Secondary School, SKH Bishop Mok Sau Tseng Secondary School, True Light Girls’ College and SPKC.

It was a great learning opportunity for our S6 students to apply the skills they have learnt as well as learn from other students.

Over 200 students participated in the Inter-School Oral Practices.

Students from different schools formed into groups to conduct mock oral practices.

Before each round of mock practice began, students were giving their full attention during preparation.

Teachers listened to the discussion and provided some valuable feedback on the students’ performance.

Mr. Dane Powell from SPKC (left) and Ms. Jenny Jones from SKH Bishop Mok Sau Tseng Secondary School (right) gave some ending remarks and encouragement to the students.

Students and teachers were enjoying this valuable learning experience.


Overall, the two English Inter-School Oral Practices were smoothly carried out, thanks to the cooperation between students and teachers. We would like to show our gratitude to all the participating schools. Hope all the S6 students have taken something away from the experience and good luck to your public examination!