S1 Orientation Week + Info Day


Every year, we organize S1 Orientation Week and Info Day to better prepare our youngest brothers and sisters for the new school year. S1 students have the opportunity to meet their classmates, subject teachers and have lessons and school activities. In the programme, students are also introduced to the principals and other teachers (including the Discipline Mistress, ahem…) so they learn the proper manners and learning attitude expected from them. Parents of the S1 students will also be introduced to the school routine and staff members during the Info Day. 

pictures from last year's orientation


Putting our students’ safety as top priority, this year’s orientation was held online. Through structured online teaching, students had a taste of the more challenging content and adapted to a more self-directed mode towards learning. Other than core subjects, Computer Literacy lessons were also provided so students can be proficient with platforms and apps that are frequently used. This programme has paved their way to an enjoyable school life. 

⇑  Our principal sent the warmest welcome to our S1 students during the orientation week. In order to better cope with the challenges of online learning, not to mention some students have not visited our beautiful school campus, Principal Lee wished to give words of encouragement and reminders on how to take most advantages out of online learning. 


⇒ We are also dedicated to cultivate parents’ competence and skills. To combat challenges of this digital era, surely parents shall also become life-long learners in order to assist their children on their journey of learning. 


Last but not least, we hope to see Pooikeinians in the campus soon! 


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