S.1 Parents Night – Workshop on E-Learning and E-Campus for Parents


The S.1 Parents’ Night on 7/9 was held as a workshop on e-learning and e-campus to familiarize parents with the content of “e-campus@SPKC” programme launched in this academic year. Over one hundred and thirty parents were interested and attended the Parents’ Night.
The S1 Parents’ Night was held in School Hall.
Mr. William LEE, our Vice Principal , introduced the idea of “e-campus@SPKC”. He shared his own story to e-learning and quoted some inspiring facts and figures. The introduction let parents understand the trend of e-campus and e-learning, and the benefits they bring to teaching and learning.
Mr. William LEE showed the QR code of our School Webpage.
Mr. Harry LAU and Mr. Jimmy TSE,coordinators of school e-learning, explained how e-learning can be applied to the lessons in our school. With the aid of iPad, they demonstrated how e-learning could make lessons more creative and interactive, so as to raise the efficiency of teaching and learning. Our guess speakers also introduced the function of i-class, an e-learning tool.
Mr. Harry LAU demonstrated e-learning with the aid of iPad.
Parents were invited to experience e-learning.
Mr. Jimmy TSE explained the advantages of e-learning.
Our guest speakers introduced i-class.
Besides, Mr. Eddie TSUI, panel head of computer department, introduced eClass and SmartCard. Through eClass and SmartCard, parents can understand better about their children’s performance in school. Some parents tried to login eClass through their smart phone and tablet. Finally, Mr. William LEE drew parents’ attention to the arrangements regarding S.1 students.
Mr. Eddie TSUI showed parents the interface of eClass.
In the Q & A session, parents were eager to raise questions, and Mr. Peter YUEN, our Principal, responded to the enquiries correspondingly. Through the Q & A session, parents’ understanding towards “e-campus@SPKC” was deepened. On the other hand, we were able to obtain many valuable opinions.
Parents’ enquiries were collected by Mr. Peter YUEN, Mr. William LEE and other teachers.
Mr. Peter YUEN responded to parents’ enquiries.
Cooperation among parents, students and the school is essential for the construction of “e-campus@SPKC”. With parents’ active participation in the S.1 Parents’ Night, we are confident that “e-campus@SPKC” will be operated smoothly, and match up with the new trend of teaching and learning.