S.1 Parents’ Night – Workshop on E-Campus@SPKC


The S.1 Parents’ Night was held on 6/9 as a workshop on e-learning and e-campus for parents to familiarize with the content of “e-campus@SPKC” programme. A lot of parents were interested in e-campus and attended this workshop.
The S1 Parents’ Night was held in School Hall.
Mr. William LEE, our Vice Principal, shared his own story of e-learning with an iPad. This enabled parents to understand the advantages of e-learning via high-technology.
Parents were passionate to know about the e-learning and paid full attention to listen.
Mr. Jimmy TSE, head of Information Technology Committee, further explained the concept of e-learning in SPKC.
E-learning in SPKC made learning more enjoyable and fruitful. This can motivate students to learn more. This can save paper and be more environmentally-friendly. Also, it can increase students’ incentive to learn.
After that, Mr. Harry Lau demonstrated the use of tablets in e-learning.
Parents were interested in e-learning with Powerboard, and apps which enables interactivity.
Then Mr. Eddie TSUI, panel head of ICT department, introduced ICT curriculum to our parents. This ICT curriculum widened students’ knowledge towards e-learning with iPad and apps, not just limited to Microsoft Office or Internet.
徐國良老師介紹學校嶄新的電腦課程。這個電腦課程教學生如何利用iPad及不同的學習應用程式進行電子學習,不再只局限於Microsoft Office和互聯網。
A lot of parents took photos of QR code to download the app created by our S3 student.
Mr. Peter YUEN, our principal, Ms. Cindy Yuen, VP, Mr. William Lee, VP, Mr. Jimmy TSE and Mr. Eddie TSUI responded to parents’ enquires and it is glad that we can collect many valuable opinions. Therefore, we are confident enough to build a well-developed e-campus@SPKC with the cooperation of parents, school and students.