S.1 Admissions Briefing day


On November 12th and 13th, the school opened its gates for the annual S.1 Admissions Briefing day. SPKC was honored by the presence of more than 1,500 visitors that day. The Briefing day provided an informative experience for parents with pre-S.1 students, and it also allowed visitors a tour of our school grounds. Visitors were greeted with display boards by various subjects and departments of the school, allowing them a deeper understanding of the school’s features and qualities. The Briefing day garnered praises from guests for the organization of events, to the performance of students all over the school. Praise to God who has blessed us with this successful event.
Principal Mr. Peter Yuen speaks to visitors in the Hall, as well as guests watching the broadcast from classrooms.
Young visitor showing interest in the science experiments.
Guests showed great interest in the materials used for the English Literature class.
The musical performances by SPKC’s young musicians added energy and excitement to the event.
The fantastic performance by the School Choir left a lasting impression on guests.
The S.6 Graduation Art exhibit also attracted guests with its tasteful creations by the students.
Guests were led by student tour guides who gave thorough explanations on the various parts and features of the school.
Some visited the Campus TV Station, allowing them an understanding of the process of movie making.
With the fruitful end to our S.1 Admissions Briefing day, we hope that guests can one day join us in becoming part of the Pooi Kei family!