Report on the HKDSE Results (2014)


Stewards Pooi Kei College
Report on the HKDSE Results (2014)
The results of the HKDSE Examination (2014) showed remarkable improvement with outstanding results achieved by our students. 65.4% of our students attained the requirement for university admission (33222) which is far higher than the Territory Average of 40.2%.
The percentage that is eligible to sub-degree programmes (22222) was 90.4%. The overall subject pass rate was 95.3% while the percentage of attaining 4+ was 46.4%.
The pass rates of 16 subjects including the 4 core subjects were all above the average in Hong Kong. The pass rates of the 4 core subjects were English Language (100%), Chinese Language (91.7%), Mathematics (97.4%) and Liberal Studies (97.4%).
Other subjects with 100% pass rates were Chinese History, Chinese Literature, ICT, Mathematics (M2) and Visual Arts. The other 7 subjects were Geography (95.0%), Physics (93.9%), Economics (93.2%), History (93.2%), Mathematics (M1) (92.3%), Chemistry (91.5%) and Biology (90.0%).
Among these, 14 subjects with higher percentage of attaining 4+ than those in Hong Kong were Economics (59.1%), Physics (57.1%), Mathematics (Compulsory) (54.8%), Chinese History (54.5%), English Language (54.2%), Mathematics (M1) (53.8%), Chemistry (53.2%), ICT (50.0%), History (47.7%), Geography (45.0%), Chinese Language (37.8%), Liberal Studies (37.4%), Visual Arts (35.7%) and Chinese Literature (30.0%).
Tam Sharen Suet Long (6 Faith), Wong Lok Yi (6 Faith), Chui Lok Man Rammie (6 Faith), Wan Lap Pok (6 Faith), Kam Jerry (6 Love), Chan Daniel Lok Him (6 Peace), Sham Tsz Hin (6 Peace), Wu Lap Hei (6 Faith) and Yu Ka Ho (6 Joy) obtained outstanding achievement in HKDSE 2014. All attained total scores of 30 or over from their best six subjects.