Remarkable Achievements in Outstanding Student Elections


We are delighted to congratulate three of our students on their remarkable achievements in the Outstanding Students Elections.

Kan Tsz Kei Emily from 4 Love has been awarded as one of the ‘Top 10 Outstanding Students of New Territories’ in the Outstanding Student Election of New Territories 2023.

With over 1400 students in the New Territories participating in the election, Emily stood out among her peers. Through a rigorous selection process that included preliminary rounds in the nine districts of the New Territories, only 45 exceptional students advanced to the final round of the New Territories Outstanding Student Election.

Emily’s exemplary performance during the group interviews, personal interviews, written exams, and video competitions led to her well-deserved recognition as one of the ‘Top 10 Outstanding Students of the New Territories.’ This award highlights not only her outstanding conduct but also her exceptional academic achievements.

The Principal, Mr. William Lee, celebrated Emily’s outstanding performance.

Emily was presented with the certificate and trophy as one of the Top 10 Outstanding Students.

Moreover, Seeto Ching Lam Jasmine from 5 Peace is awarded as one of the ‘Persevering Stars’ ‘ in the ‘C ME FLY Persevering Star Partnership Scheme 2023’.

The ‘Persevering Star Partnership Scheme’ is jointly organized by Hok Yau Club, and China Merchants Foundation, aiming to commend and support young people who can face various challenges with perseverance and actively seek progress, assisting them in building their future. Jasmine is one of the 20 Persevering Stars elected. 

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Jasmine was elected as one of the ‘Persevering Star 2023’.

‘Pursuing Excellence and Beyond Scheme’ is jointly organized by Man Kwan Education Fund and Fung Hon Chu Education Trust Fund, aiming to cultivate outstanding talents in the local community. Two of our students, Lau Mei Lam, Zoe from 5 Peace and Fung Ya Hei, Anya from 6 Grace were awarded as the ‘Outstanding Students’ in this award scheme.

Anya and Zoe were elected as the ‘Outstanding Students’ in the ‘Pursuing Excellence and Beyond Scheme’.

Let us extend our heartfelt congratulations to Emily, Jasmine, Anya, and Zoe for their outstanding performance and wish them continued success in all their future endeavours!