Remarkable Achievements in IGCSE Exam


We are happy to announce that our students who took the International General Certificate of Secondary Education Examination this summer (IGCSE June 2022 series) have attained very promising results. Thanks to our teachers who are dedicated to preparing students for the assessment. 

Notwithstanding the impact of the pandemic, our students showed indomitable spirit and passed the exam with flying colors. All the students who sat for the exams of Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics were awarded Grades A – A*. Much to our delight, a few students exceeded their own expectations and had exceptionally outstanding performance. They include 4F Hong Cheuk Hang (scoring Grade 9 in all three subjects), 4F Sin Yi Lok (scoring Grade 9 in all three subjects), 4F To Long Yui, 4F Kwan Tsz Fung and 4F Cheng Jia Xi.

Congratulations to our Pooikeinians who are committed to learning and have once again achieved academic excellence!

How it’s like in the beginning …

At the beginning of the school year both students and teachers alike felt some trepidation, as this was to be a new curriculum for our school. At the same time, there was a wonderful shared sense of adventure as we were stepping into uncharted waters together! Students quickly learned to master new skills, became familiar with new exam formats, and gained confidence in their subjects. Despite being a ‘special’ class with different classes and public exams, they were thankful to be integrated into the life of the school and enjoyed school-wide activities, including LWL Day, the MID programme, and LEWOWA, together with their schoolmates from other classes. The atmosphere in the 4F classroom was warm and lively, with students helping and caring for each other, and teachers extending guidance and support at every turn.

Students’ sharing

Silas, what’s your favourite memory from S4?

“In S4, our class studied in a very positive and engaging atmosphere, which allowed us to feel safe and supported in our pursuit of knowledge. Also, our class hosted many great events and my classmates are funny.”

Isaac, what led you to choose the NLC curriculum?

“My family and I have been planning to move to Australia in the past few years, therefore, I see studying in the non-local curriculum as a chance to get familiar with the subject knowledge and teaching style in Australia. Apart from this, I also need to take the IELTS exam for immigration purpose so it’s killing two birds with one stone. On the other hand, having looked at the teaching schedule of this A-level course, I understand that it places great emphasis on science and my future planning is related to science. Three birds!”

Abbie, what led you to choose the NLC curriculum? What’s your aspirations for S5 and beyond

“Compared to the DSE curriculum, I was told by my classmates that the IAL classes allow me more flexibility to study my electives in-depth. I chose to study chemistry and biology because chemistry is one of the prerequisites for applying for science related subjects in university. Moreover, since the three science subjects are fundamentally correlated with each other, studying chemistry would definitely benefit my future study in any science subjects. Thus, chemistry becomes one of my choices.

In contrast, the reason why I study biology is very simple. It is just because I love it. I love to discover the human, organisms and all kinds of biology topics. In addition, biology is also essential for any medical or science related subjects in future study. As a result, I chose chemistry and biology as my elective subjects.

Being in the IAL class enables me to indulge in the joy of learning these science subjects as we are given more opportunities to conduct experiments of our preferences and engage in discussion.

My aspiration for S5 is to attain a good result in exams and to have a fruitful school life with no regrets. A satisfactory exam result can allow me to have a brighter pathway in my future study and career.

Having gone through years of online lesson, I came to realize my favorite memory from S4 is indeed the period when we could have face-to-face lessons. Even though it’s more tiring and demanding than online lessons, 
I learn to cherish the time spent with classmates and friends.”