Prefect Team –Joint School Exchange Program


Our school Prefect Team held an annual exchange program with the Prefect Team of the Tin Ka Ping Secondary School on April 11, 2019. Prefect Team Advisor and Prefects from Tin Ka Ping Secondary School came to our school.
The Head Prefects and Vice-Head Prefects of two schools planned, coordinated and led the activities during the exchange program. The program not only equipped the Head Prefects and Vice-Head Prefects with the essential leadership skill, communication skill and organizational skill, but also served as a platform for our prefects to build friendships with each other.
Discipline Mistress of our school, Ms Karis Kam, exchange souvenir with Prefect Team Advisor of Tin Ka Ping Secondary School.
Head Prefects of Stewards Pooi Kei College and Tin Ka Ping Secondary School introduced their own team’s missions and structures.
The game session was exciting and enjoyable. Prefects actively participated in the activities.
Prefects shared their experiences with each other.
Prefect Team had a wonderful time and gained fruitful experience through the program!