Pooikeinians’ Orientation Day


A warm welcome to all our younger brothers, sisters and their parents! Congratulations for becoming a Pooikeinian! 

Our newly-admitted Pooikeinians have gone through several challenging stages including individual interview, group interview and the interview with principal and they are excited and thrilled to have the chance to get to know their new school already! The Pooikeinians’ Orientation Day was held not only for students, but also their parents as we always treat our parents as part of the Poor Kei Family! 

The school offered a dual-track programme which engages both students and parents separately within the same time slot. 

Our younger Pooikeinians got to meet our student ambassadors and played ice-breaking activities and a bingo about our school’s characteristics. This was followed by a virtual school tour in which our student ambassadors “walked” them through the school campus. To deepen our understanding of each other, students are put into smaller groups with their elder brothers and sisters to have a chat about what life in SPKC is like and their aspirations or concerns are before coming to SPKC. 

As for parents’ orientation, they were greeted by our Principal, Mr. William Lee, and he described what kind of education their children will receive in SPKC. S1 class teachers also gave their sharing about the life is S1 for the young Pooikeinians. Our Vice-Principal, Mr. Samuel Lui, was very kind to offer a real-time campus tour for all parents to visit the campus online, they participated actively with a lot of Zoom polls that determined the route of the campus tour! 

Our principal, Mr. William Lee, was a busy yet happy man as he joined both students’ and parents’ sessions for the closing remarks and photo-taking moment. Those were the highlights of the Orientation Day! 

May all Pooikeinians thrive and grow under the love of the big SPKC family!