Pooikeinian Time for 15th Anniversary


Pooikeinians’ Time For 15th Anniversary!
This year marks the 15th anniversary of Stewards Pooi Kei College. To add an interesting and entertaining feature to annual celebration events, the school celebrated this milestone by hosting a special celebration on 15th November, 2018. Students and staff whose birthdays fall on Day 15 of each month were invited to join the birthday cake cutting ceremony at recess.
We had great pleasure to share the wonderful music in the orchestra performance at lunch. It was a very special occasion to perform open air in the red brick area. All the students and staff were so excited and enjoyed being part of such a memorable celebration.
The school day was capped off with the arrival of an ice-cream van. The lucky ones who could enjoy the treat first in this activity were No. 15 in each class. The announcement made at 1515 has caused a flurry of excitement on campus. They all raced downstairs hoping to be the first one in line for the yummy ice-cream.
It is hoped that all these events will create fond memories for all Pooikeinians.
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