Peer Counsellors Training – Drama Therapy


In order to enhance the counselling skills of Peer Counsellors, they participated in a drama therapeutic training workshop with Yang Memorial Methodist Social Service.

A drama therapist and registered social worker led the workshop for the purposes of helping students learn to listen and observe, so as to understand and respect diversity and cultivate empathy. Peer Counsellors enjoyed a fun and meaningful afternoon with different games and drama-related activities. It was a precious training session, which not only equips Peer Counsellors with more counselling skills, but also emphasized the importance of listening and sharing.

Peer Counsellors were joyful to have a chance to train and grow together as a team.

Peer Counsellors were demonstrating the concept of “sunflower” in a drama-related activity.

Peer Counsellors performed the story of “The Emperor’s New Clothes” in four-panel comic style.

The team spirit was enhanced through various games and sharing in groups.