Outstanding Results in both Inter-School Sports Competitions and Inter-House Competitions


Our student athletes have achieved outstanding results in both inter-school sports competitions and inter-house competitions. We would like to share the joy of their success together!

HKSSF Shatin and Sai Kung Secondary Schools Area Committee
Inter-School Long Distance Run 2023-2024

 Grade A boys 7th place in group


5P  LOH Chi Hang
5P  LAU Yat Yin
5G  KO Wing Cheuk
4G  LEE Cheuk Him
4P  YIP Ka Chun

The result of Inter-house Futsal Competition (Senior):

Champion – King House 

1st runner up – Saviour House

2nd runner up – Christ House

3rd runner up – Priest House

The Winner of the Golden Boot  –  6J  TSANG Siu Yung

The Winner of the Golden Glove – 5F  LEE Ho Chun Marcus

The result of Inter-house Basketball Competition (Senior) are:

Champion – Priest House 

1st Runner-up – Saviour House 

2nd Runner-up – King House 

3rd Runner-up – Christ House 

MVP (Boys) – 6J  CHAN Chun San Janson 

MVP (Girls) – 6L  TSANG Hoi Lam Ellen

3-point Shooter – 4G  YAU Yee Sum Kenneth


The result of Inter-house Volleyball Competition are:

Champion – Priest House 

1st Runner-up – King House 

2nd Runner-up – Christ House 

3rd Runner-up – Saviour House 

MVP – 5H  KOK Chun Kwan Oscar