Our Student DJ at RTHK3!


Our Student DJ at RTHK3!
28 December 2011
Last month, 3 SPKC students from 7 Joy, Tommy LamAngela Yiu and Dion Pang recorded a programme for “Teen Time” at the RTHK studios on “The End of a Journey……the Beginning of Another” about their thoughts and feelings of leaving school and their future.
Alyson Hau, the presenter, had a sore throat and could not speak on the day, the students actually had to manage almost the whole programme themselves and did a great job!
It will be kept on the RTHK3 website for one year under its “Archive” and can then be downloaded. Enjoy!
Mr. Derbyshire
RTHK3 website:
Dion, Angela and Tommy (from left to right)