Multi-task Learning Day


Multi-task Learning Day
09 October 2009
Multi-task Learning Day was a good chance for students to explore outside the classroom-setting and get to know more about their fellow-schoolmates and class teachers. This year, S.4 to S.6 students had to arrange their own class activities for Multi-task Learning Day, while S.1 to S.2 students enjoyed a barbecue time and mass games at a camp site in a rural area. On the other hand, S.3 students experienced an adventure at school which they had never tasted before!
S.6 students were interested in Ocean Park and enjoyed the excitement of games; S.4-S.5 students love spending time on the beach and was kindled by their youthful lives; Barbecues and mass games created a warm environment for S.1-S.2 students. A big pitch urged their desire to kick soccer and football with their sweat. They formed a heart shape to show their unity which can be seen in cooking competition. Everyone shows their innocence in this meaningful day.