Love and Sex Education Week


Love and Sex Education Week aims at promoting the concept of “Love is not only about dating”, but can be presented in different forms like kinship, friendship and divine love.

As Pooikeinians, we :

  1. Believe love is not only about dating 愛不單是戀愛
  2. Treasure our relationship with family, teachers, friends as well as God 愛神愛人
  3. Uphold biblical perspectives of love and sex relationships 堅守聖經對愛與性的教導
  4. Love our body, a precious gift bestowed by God 珍愛神所賜尊貴的身體


In January and February, assemblies were reserved for the theme-related talks and teacher’s sharing. Related topics were taught in PSSE lesson, workshops were led by nurses from the Health Department HK.  There were also some lunchtime activities prepared for students, such as poster exhibition, marshmallow chocolate making and student fellowship!


Hand-beaded bracelets DIY. To promote “love yourself as well as others”.

S5 students designed posters to promote correct attitude towards love and dating.

Lunchtime activity: Happy Friday!

Student fellowship members pray for their teachers and schoolmates in their morning prayer meeting.

“Marshmallow chocolate making” and “Love in Action” on the SPKC Valentine’s Day.