Love and Sex Education Week 2017


Love and Sex Education Week aims at promoting the different concepts of love including romance, kinship, friendship and divine love.
The theme of this year is “Love Yourself & Love Others”. Different activities were organized to strengthen students’ relationship with parents, teachers and friends as well as God during the week.
During the Love and Sex Education Week, assemblies were reserved for the theme-related talks and teachers’ sharing. Some articles related to love were distributed to students which reinforced them the different concepts of love. There were also some lunchtime activities prepared for students, for example:

  1. Henna Drawing 漢娜手繪信息,
  2. Exhibition of S5 PSSE posters 中五學生生命成長科海報展覽,
  3. Marshmallow chocolate making 朱古力棉花糖製作and
  4. Game booth 攤位遊戲.
Through movie clips and guest talk, students were stimulated to learn more about love and sex.
S5 students put a lot of effort on poster design to convey the meaning of love to junior forms students.
One of the lunchtime activities, Henna Tattoo drawing, gave Pooikeinians a chance to serve one another.
Pooikeinians were encouraged to send gifts to their beloved ones. Many of them made chocolate-coated marshmallow and wrapped in gift bags to send to their teachers and friends.
Working hard on the worksheet as known as The Student Passport to remind Pooikeinians the keys to loving one another.
Pooikeinians were having fun at the game booths.