Life-wide Learning Day 2021


To provide various learning experience to students, and to enhance teacher-student and peer relationships, the School organized the Life-wide Learning Day (LWL Day) on 8th November.

After the first term Uniform Test, students joined various activities on LWL Day to relax, including Bollywood Dance, Coffee Art Workshop, Minibus Sign Workshop, Mini-flower Plaque Workshop, Wood Carving Workshop, Piñata Workshop, the list goes on!

Cultural Immersion Activity -- Bollywood Dance

Team Building Activity -- "Choose to Grow through Growth Mindset"

Career & Life Planning Activity -- Coffee Art Workshop

Chinese Cultural Activity -- Minibus Sign Workshop

Chinese Cultural Activity -- Mini-Flower Plaque Workshop

Cultural Immersion Activity -- Piñata Workshop

Career & Life Planning Activity -- "SimLife Challenge"

Experimental Learning Activity -- "Through the Dark"

Environmental Awareness Activity -- Wax Paper Workshop

Chinese Cultural Activity -- Wood Carving Workshop