LEWOWA 2022/23


LEWOWA 2022/23 was successfully held from 24 to 30 June 2023 with a total of 34 local and outbound experiential learning programmes to nurture Pooikeinians into globalized Christian leaders through life-changing experiences.

LEWOWA 2223-24 "Flying Fish - Kayaking LIFE Adventure"
LEWOWA 2223-21 "Nature and Family - Tai O Experiential Learning Programme"
LEWOWA 2223-31 "Skateboarding Experiential Day Camp"

New programmes, including tourism training, jewellery design and skateboarding, were organized. Students in local programmes did voluntary work for food-rescuing charities, built models with application of ‘Internet-of-Things’ and big data, sailed in the sea, raced drones with basic pilot training and tried out experiments about food science. Outbound programmes offered valuable opportunities for the students to fly to Singapore to enrich their STEM knowledge or tasted the rural life of the Japanese through living with their host families in Kyushu.

LEWOWA 2223-35 "A Final Reveal of Kyushu Mystery"
LEWOWA 2223-05 "Sailing Classroom"
LEWOWA 2223-34 "Science in Singapore"
LEWOWA 2223-13 "Teen Carer: Experience the Life of the Social Vulnerable Group"
LEWOWA 2223-09 "My Pet Grooming Diary"
LEWOWA 2223-17 "Smart Home x Big Data"

To share the positive LEWOWA experience among Pooikeinians, an innovative attempt to offer a vibrant exhibition day along with a lively variety show was made. With the aid of informative boards and interactive mini games, students presented their key learning outcome of their programmes and Pooikeinians could learn from each other through constructive interaction. The exhibition day symbolized the celebration and acknowledgement of students’ success in LEWOWA under a positive learning atmosphere.

LEWOWA 2223-03 "Boundless Universe - The Exploration of Astronomy, Nature and Ourselves
LEWOWA 2223-08 "Karatedo: Way to Live a Positive Life"
LEWOWA 2223-27 "Pioneering Pilots Scheme"
LEWOWA 2223-28 "Academy of Sustainable Living"
LEWOWA 2223-29 "Jewelry Design and Making Atelier"