Learning Without Walls (LEWOWA) 2021-2022


LEWOWA (Learning Without Walls) 2021-2022 was successfully held from Friday, 22 July 2022 to Saturday, 30 July 2022. In view of the pandemic situation, 34 LEWOWA programmes were held as in-school experiential learning activities for 5 half days with outing for certain programmes. Let’s see some of our memorable moments!

LEWOWA 2122-12: Ride Mountain Bikes! Buddy!
LEWOWA 2122-21: Upcycled Sea Wave Stool Workshop
LEWOWA 2122-26: Experience Mathematics in SPKC
LEWOWA 2122-33: Rainbow Touch - Holistic Leadership Training Journey
LEWOWA 2122-27: Flying Fish - Kayaking LIFE Adventure
LEWOWA 2122-11: Mission Possible - An Adventure Challenge Accepted
LEWOWA 2122-20: Smart Campus
LEWOWA 2122-30: Karatedo : Way To Live A Positive Life
LEWOWA 2122-10: Boundless Universe - The Exploration of Astronomy, Nature and Ourselves
LEWOWA 2122-12: Ride Mountain Bikes! Buddy!
LEWOWA 2122-15: Seven Lessons From God In HONG KONG
LEWOWA 2122-28: "Social Worker Trainee" Life Education and Service


Please check out the highlights of other LEWOWA programmes in the link below