Learning Without Walls (LEWOWA) 2020-2021


LEWOWA 2020-2021 was successfully held from Tuesday, 29 June 2021 to Monday, 5 July 2021. In view of the safety of Pooikeinians, 32 LEWOWA programmes were held as in-school experiential learning activities for 3 half days. Let’s see some of our interesting moments!

LEWOWA 2021-20: Mission Possible - An Adventure Challenge Accepted
LEWOWA 2021-04: Go Go Robot - Make It Work
LEWOWA 2021-22: Pooikeinians vs Wild (Campus Edition)
LEWOWA 2021-28: Flying Fish - Kayaking LIFE Adventure
LEWOWA 2021-25: Ride Mountain Bikes! Buddy!
LEWOWA 2021-02: Food Detective @ SPKC
LEWOWA 2021-11: Coffee Life Master - Mastering Your Life
LEWOWA 2021-24: Exploration of Astronomy, Nature and Ourselves
LEWOWA 2021-16: Travelling Aroung Local Arts and Workshops
LEWOWA 2021-21: STEM SAIL Academy