Last School Day of S6 Students


4 March was the last school day for our S6 students. A special morning assembly was specifically presented to them by student union and head prefects on that pleasant morning.
The chairperson of Student Union, Wan Lap Pok delivered a heartfelt speech to his elder brother and sisters. Teachers and students were all touched by his sharing.
Representatives of Student Union presented souvenirs to the graduates while the music association led all teachers and students to sing a farewell song – Auld Lang Syne.
Representatives of orchestra and senior band played as accompaniment for the song.
The “Passing the Light Ceremony” was held in lesson 8. This is a meaningful tradition of SPKC, which aims at passing on the spirit of SPKC to every graduate. This is hoped that graduates are blessed by God to overcome different challenges with faith and courage, as well as declaring the glory of God continuously.
At the beginning of the ceremony, representatives from each class came on the stage to share their impressive memories and valuable experience in past 6 years with all fellow schoolmates. This was a really touching moment.
6 Joy students shared their precious moments and gave thanks to teachers, all staff and schoolmates with grateful hearts.
6 Peace students shared their happy and unforgettable moments in past 6 years!
Smiling faces of our graduates!
After that, our principal Mr. Peter Yuen had delivered a heartfelt and inspiring speech to our graduates. They were encouraged to cherish every opportunity and try their best to strive for their dreams.
Our principal, Mr. Peter Yuen delivered his wishes and blessing to all S.6 graduates
At last, students passed on the light one by one in representing the spirit of SPKC will be passed on through every graduates and they will also devoted to bear the mission of Christ in their future.
Light was passed on among all students, hoping that the spirit of SPKC will continue to grow and brighten everyone!