K-Pop V.S. Canto-Pop: A Talk of the History of Pop Music


The History Department organized a talk on the Development of K-Pop and Canto-Pop in Hong Kong on 24th April, 2017 (Monday) conducted by Dr. KANG, Jong Hyuk David, currently the assistant professor of Literature and Cultural Studies at the Hong Kong Education University.
Figure 1. Principal Mr. Peter Yuen presented a souvenir to Dr. Kang.
Figure 2. Profile of Dr. Kang.
Born in Korea, raised in Taiwan, educated in the US and Hong Kong, Dr. Kang is a historian of Modern Hong Kong and China. Having been exposed to different cultures, Dr. Kang’s research focuses mainly on the cultural interactions between the East and the West, including the areas of religion, medicine and gender.
Dr. Kang started the talk by sharing different waves of the spread of K-Pop culture in Hong Kong.
Figure 3. Sharing K-Pop development in Hong Kong Students were very excited when Dr. Kang showed different examples of K-Pop music and movies in recent years.
Figure 4. Playing music videos of K-Pop bands
The guest speaker then moved on to talk about the reasons behind the rise of Korean popular culture in Hong Kong, such as the cultural similarities and the geographical proximity between the two places, as well as the decline of Canto Pop in Hong Kong.
Apart from introducing Korean music, Dr. Kang also shared with students the golden era of Hong Kong pop music, including the 1980s when Hong Kong singers were very well-known internationally. This talk provided students with a good learning experience as students learnt to appreciate Canto Pop’s value in the modern history of Hong Kong.
Figure 6. Students were writing their feedback seriously.