Interim Prize Presentation Ceremony 2023/24


The Interim Prize Presentation Ceremony for the 2023-24 academic year was held on March 13, 2024, in the school hall. This ceremony recognized and honored students who demonstrated outstanding achievements during the first term. Awards were presented in various categories, including the Academic Progress Award, Subject Award, and Academic Award, both at the class level and the form level. In our Principal’s opening speech, Mr. William Lee expressed his appreciation for the hard work of all the awardees and shared valuable insights on cultivating the right attitude towards studies, aiming to inspire all students in attendance.

Assistant Principal Ms. Doris Leung presented the Academic Progress Awards to all the deserving recipients. This award acknowledged the students’ notable progress in their academic journey.

Vice Principal Mr. Jimmy Tse presented the Subject Awards for students in grades S.1 to S.3. This recognition highlighted exceptional performance and mastery of specific subjects.

Vice Principal Ms. Joanna Leung presented the Subject Awards for students in grades S.4 to S.5. These awards celebrated exceptional achievement and dedication in specific subjects.

Vice Principal Mr. Samuel Lui presented the Academic Awards for Top in Class. He congratulated those students who attained the highest academic standing in their respective classes.

Principal Mr. William Lee presented the Awards for the Top Three in Form. These awards recognized the outstanding academic performance of the top three students in each form and showcased their remarkable achievements.

During the ceremony, special recognition was given to our four alumni: Yim Pak Ho, Hung Sum Wing, Lam Ka Yu, and Kwan Tsz Yau. These individuals achieved excellent academic results in the 2023 HKDSE examination. Yim Pak Ho was awarded the prestigious Academic Excellence Scholarship, while Hung Sum Wing, Lam Ka Yu, and Kwan Tsz Yau were honored with the Academic High Achiever Scholarship. Principal Mr. William Lee presented these esteemed awards to the marvellous alumni, who serve as role models for all students, inspiring them to strive for academic excellence through their dedication and perseverance.

As a highlight of the event, Yim Pak Ho, the recipient of the Academic Excellence Scholarship, shared his successful experience in developing effective study habits and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. His inspiring story served as motivation for all attendees, encouraging them to adopt good practices and pursue their academic goals with determination.

Overall, the Interim Prize Presentation Ceremony 2023-24 was a significant event that recognized and celebrated the outstanding achievements of students and alumni. It served as a platform to inspire and motivate all attendees to excel academically and strive for excellence in their educational pursuits alike.