Inter-House Volleyball Competition


What a fruitful schedule of inter-house competitions in the 1st term!

All inter-house competitions including Futsal, Basketball and Volleyball have been completed from October to December, 2022. Congratulations to all winners! Both students and teachers enjoyed a lot in the teacher-student games. To cultivate a healthy campus, our sports association will not stop organizing different sports activities in the future. We are looking forward to enjoing these activites with you. We hope these photos can help you recollect the the sweet memories of the competitions!

The result of inter-house Volleyball competitions are as follow: 


1st runner up

2nd runner up




Congratulations Saviour House!

Demonstrating our PERMA sportmanship!

And a friendly game with our teachers!

Cheerleading for our friends and teachers!

Go Pooikenians!


See you in the next game!