Inter-house Futsal Competition


It is a great pleasure to hold the SPKC Inter-house futsal competition in 2022-2023. Under the Covid-19 pandemic situation, all students do treasure this opportunity to participate this event in order to achieve the sports spirit of “Friendship first, competition second”. Beyond the health and activities benefits, sports teach us to fight for a common goal. We thanked the committee members of Sport Association for their efforts and hard works in planning and execution of this event.

The result of Inter-house futsal competition:


25 Oct - Teacher-student Game

11 Oct – Senior: Priest vs Christ


12 Oct – Senior: King vs Saviour


13 Oct – Senior: 3rd place playoff ( Saviour vs Priest)


14 Oct – Senior: Championship play ( King vs Christ )


17 Oct –Junior: King vs Priest


19 Oct – Junior: Saviour vs Christ


20Oct – Junior: 3rd place playoff ( King vs Saviour )


24Oct – Junior: Championship play ( Priest vs Christ)