Gospel Week 2014-2015


二零一四年十月十三日 至 二零一四年十月十七日
This year’s Gospel Week was held from 13 October 2014 to 17 October 2014. The theme is “Break Out from Darkness” and the scripture is “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.” (John 8:12).
In response to the current protest “Umbrella Movement” in Hong Kong, we would like to remind our students that Jesus is the light of life. Whenever we feel stuck in a difficult situation and struggle, whenever we feel hopeless, Jesus is our strength and He will help us walk through the darkest days. It was an incredible week and we have experienced the power and presence of God!.
Some other highlights of Gospel Week are morning choir, lunchtime worship, gospel radio, gospel book fair etc. Many students were excited to experience the power and presence of God and can’t wait for our Gospel Week next year!
今年福音週於十月十三至十七日舉行。主題為「在黑暗中爆發」,經文為「我是世界的光,跟從我的,必定不在黑暗裡走,卻要得著生命的光。(約翰福音八章十二節 )」。
We are honored to have Watoto Children’s Choir from Uganda with us this week. They had lunch with our students and have held two gospel music concerts that day. Their testimonies, music and dance are truly touching. We can see that God’s love and salvation have changed their lives so much.
Members of Watoto Children’s Choir are lunching and sharing with our Fellowship Committee and Worship Team Members.
Watoto Children’s Choir shares their testimonies, their music and dance with our students.
Also, we are honored to have an ice cream truck from Mister Softee to offer free ice cream for our students to enjoy in Gospel Cafe. They have added sweetness and joy in our Gospel Cafe this year!
Students have an amazing time of fellowship with teachers in Gospel Cafe.
Morning Choir greets teachers and students at the school entrance
Worship Team leads the students to sing and praise.