Geography Environmental Talk by Professor Lam Chiu Ying


我們都是氣候恐怖份子- 400 ppm 後的新世界
To enhance our Pooikeians’ environmental awareness and geographical knowledge on global climatic change, a Geography environmental talk was held successfully on 10th March, 2016 in our school.
It was our honour to invite the guest speaker, Professor Lam Chiu Ying (林超英教授) who was the former Director of Hong Kong Observatory and currently the adjunct professor of Geography and Resources Management in the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Since he is an experienced expertise in meteorology, he has strong fervour in giving a lecture about global climatic change with our Pooikeians.
Our principal presented the souvenir to Professor Lam
Professor Lam gave an insightful and inspring lecture to Pooikeians
The environmental talk was educational and enriching owing to myriad of resourceful information and data of global warming including temperature anomaly and higher concentration of carbon dioxide (ppm) since the 20th century. He also demonstrated and explained how human activities such as burning of fossil fuels, industrialization, urbanization, deforestation, garbage treatment and modern agriculture have led to soaring carbon emission and rising global temperature.
In addition, Professor Lam stressed on the importance of reducing carbon emission and practicing low carbon lifestyle with a view to relieving the greenhouse effect and slowing down the pace of global warming.
It was a valuable learning opportunity for Pooikeians to meet Professor Lam. His lecture was very insightful and inspiring to us since abundant geographical knowledge was inculcated from his talk ranging from global climatic change, overusing fossil fuels, energy consumption, adverse impacts of global warming, green lifestyle and importance of sustainable development in a “glocal” context.
Not only did this environmental talk enhance Pookeians’ environmental awareness, but it also broadened their global vision to understand the global climatic problem thoroughly. As a global citizen, Pooikeians do uphold the civic responsibility and global citizenship to reduce carbon emission and have a low carbon lifestyle so that global warming would be relieved.
Pooikeians enjoyed the environmental lecture given by Professor Lam