Fit 60 – when a healthy lifestyle begins!


Pooikeinians were buzzing with excitement for Fit 60 – a school-based campaign which encourages students to do at least 60 minutes of exercise every week! Our signature event – Fit Friday – marks the beginning of their healthy lifestyle journey. As the bell rang, students poured into the school grounds wearing their PE uniforms, ready to kickstart their day with some physical activity.
The morning run was led by the Principals and the PE teachers, who encouraged the Pooikeinians to push themselves with perseverance. The sound of sneakers hitting the pavement filled the air as the students ran laps around the school, cheering each other on and pushing themselves to go further. It is encouraging to know that the number of Pooikeinians who have attended the event are more than a thousand!
After the run, it was time for lunch sports events. These were organized by student leaders from the Sports Association, 4-Houses, and UNICEF. With their leadership and creativity, most Pooikeinians had fun and stayed active. Smiles were wide and spirits were high as they reflected on the day’s activities and looked forward to many more Fridays filled with fitness and fun.

To acknowledge the extraordinary efforts of our Pooikeinians, the Active Pooikeinians Award has been introduced. Hundreds of Pooikeinians have successfully met the target of completing the FIT 60 (do at least 60 minutes of exercise every week) throughout the year, and they have been awarded the distinguished title of Active Pooikeinians. Their tireless commitment to promoting a healthy and active lifestyle among our students has been truly commendable.
Fit 60 had truly been a success at SPKC, inspiring students to embrace a healthy lifestyle and make physical activity a priority in their lives.


We do morning run every Friday!

Some students even took the challenge of running outside the school in the morning run session!

Push-up challenge organized by the UNICEF

Hula loop activity led by Christ House

Rope skipping activity led by King House

Basketball free throwing led by Saviour House

A shuttlecock fun game led by Priest House

Teachers & students had fun in lunch dodgebee events

Teacher awardees

Fit Friday – Award of Perseverance

S1 Active Pooikeinians Awardees

S2 Active Pooikeinians Awardees

S3 Active Pooikeinians Awardees

S4 Active Pooikeinians Awardees

S5 Active Pooikeinians Awardees