Enhancing Pooikeinians’ Physical Wellness


Helping students develop a positive and healthy lifestyle is one of SPKC’s major concerns. To provide Pooikeinians with more opportunities to do exercise at the school campus, the Physical Education (PE) Department has arranged a series of activities starting from 19 October.

Fit Friday

Every Friday has been marked as “Fit Friday” which all Pooikeinians are invited to join “Morning Run” or “Morning Exercise”. All students get to wear their PE uniform on Fridays because of “Fit Friday”! 

Pooikeirathon – PERMA – Run 

This was a virtual running competition to encourage Pooikeinians to do running in leisure time. They were the top 10 teachers and students who have accumulated the longest running distance in this competition. They all received a special gift as an award from Principal Lee.