Echoes of Youth: The Arts Season II – A Memorable Finale for S.6 Students


The Arts Season II, held on March 7, 2024, was a momentous show for S.6 students, marking the end of their high school journey. The performances centered around the theme of graduation, aiming to create a lasting impression on the graduating class.

Over the past six years, the students experienced a series of gatherings and separations, reminding them of the fleeting nature of time. The show served as a poignant reminder to cherish the moments and minimize regrets. The performances resonated with the students, emphasizing the importance of maintaining warmth in their hearts even in challenging times.

The performances instilled a sense of gratitude for these relationships and urged the students to nurture them.

The Arts Season II provided a memorable and meaningful conclusion to the high school journey of the S.6 students. It served as a reminder to appreciate the present, nurture relationships, and approach the future with purpose. The show left an indelible mark on their hearts, empowering them to create a fulfilling life beyond graduation.


3L Hayley Chung – 說散就散
6G Ambrose Lee  & 5H Oscar Leung – 青春告別式
6J Nathan Lau – 
6P Alex Lee & Lydia Chan – 世界與你無關
6G Class – 對面的女孩看過來+三分甜