Drama Club 2017-18


2017 / 2018 was another very eventful year for SPKC Drama Club. We started the year auditioning for brave and talented students who had a good grasp of English and who were not afraid to perform on stage. The committee spent 2 hours screening and scrutinizing for the next SPKC drama starlets and after some deliberation, we found them. A good mix of 30 junior and senior form students formed the 2018 Drama club. The 30 students who joined had a very mixed ability in English proficiency but were willing to try their best and relished the chance to improve their English through Drama.
Over the next 5 months, the team had over 20 meetings, rehearsing tirelessly for the 15 minute play in preparation for the 2018 EMI Schools Drama Festival. The play entitled Out Of Your Mind was an exploration and showcase of the thoughts, fears, hopes and dreams of a variety of characters at a local MTR station while waiting for the train to arrive. It was a play that required great teamwork, timing and coordination. The whole team worked very hard and results were very pleasing.
At rehearsals, the actors practiced their lines while having to mime and create freeze frames. Anson So (5L/22), directed the young actors with confidence and even taught them cool dance moves and voice projection.
Backstage, the production crew spent time designing the look of the play, selecting costumes, making colourful props and sets and even makeup for the actors. The whole team learnt that putting together a play can be very challenging and there were problems that surfaced. However, their commitment and discipline paid off.
On the 20th of April 2018, the Drama Club performed for the 3rd time at the Association of English Secondary Schools Drama Festival at Shatin Tsung Tsin Secondary school. The hard work hard and results were pleasing; receiving the award for Outstanding Performance.
The Drama Club was invited to perform again at the Prize Presentation Ceremony at Shatin Town Hall on the 9th of May. The grand event was organised by the Association of EMI Schools, the NET section of the Education Bureau, Theatre Noir, Chung Ying Theatre Company and The HK Academy for Performing Arts. This year’s Prize Presentation Ceremony was even grander that the last. Due to the close proximity of the venue to SPKC, a small audience of 2 F4 classes and the English teachers attended the prize giving ceremony for the 1st time.
Over 1000 guests from schools all over Hong Kong were present at this prestigious event. The Drama Club shared the stage with some of the top EMI schools in Hong Kong. It was truly a memorable experience. CONGRATULATIONS to SPKC Drama Club on a job well done!
Anson So, Vicky Wong and Tanya Cheung receiving a trophy and certificates for Outstanding Performance on behalf of the team. With honorary guest Mr. Ko Tin Lung, Artistic Director of Chung Ying Theatre Company.
Drama Club Teacher Advisors
Mr. Karl Suriya
Ms. Yuki Yip
Ms. Phoebe Chan