Cultural Exchange Event with Puolala School


Our school was honored to be invited to join a virtual cultural exchange conference with Puolala School in Finland. Puolala School provides language classes in English, German and Russian to students from Grade 1 to 9 since 1990. One of our S.1 classes, 1GHP was representing our school to have short language and cultural exchange activities with the Finnish students.

The 1GHP class was having a lot of fun with their Finnish friends. This would be a memorable experience for them together with Ms. Eva Yuen, Ms. Kiwi Law and Ms. Rachel Wong.

Both Pooikeinians and the Grade 5 students from Puolala School enjoyed this meaningful exchange experience.

Pooikeinians were teaching the Finnish students how to say “Nice to meet you” in Cantonese.

Students were passionate to introduce their favourite traditional hong Kong cuisine.

Students shared their personal experience living and studying in hong Kong.

The Finnish students enthusiastically shared with our students their language and unique travel spots for visiting Finland. For example, “hello” in Finnish is “Moi”.

Overall, the event was a success for Pooikeinians and students from Puolala School to understand each other’s culture. We would like to present our gratitude to Puolala School for inviting us and their efforts to foster cultural exchange.

Special thanks to Ms. Eva Yuen, Ms. Kiwi Law and Ms. Rachel Wong for hosting the event and the fellow speakers from 1GHP (Apple, Chloe, Mianne, Valerie, Kieran, Eric, Matthew, Wyatt and Jayden) for their sharing.