Computer Science Challenge 2019


Awarded in the “Computer Science Challenge 2019”
Computer science is an integral component of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). To be prepared for the 21st century, students must understand the principles and practices of computer science in order to innovate, succeed and thrive.
Computer Science Challenge 2019 was a fun eSport-like game tournament for secondary school students with an interest in computer science. It provided an opportunity for students to test their ability and knowledge in different areas of computer science.
Two of our S2 students have joined the Computer Science Challenge 2019 organized by Department of Computer Science – City University of Hong Kong. There are over 30 teams joined the competition, SIU Tsun Cheong (2P) and SO Chun Hei (2P) (from left to right) have received the Merit Award, which is encouraging.
They learnt to code and also played to learn computational thinking skills and mathematics in this competition. In addition, they were invited to attend an exciting AI Chatbot programming session and a Google AIY talk to prepare them for CS Challenge 2020 and an upcoming Google STEM exhibition. It provided an opportunity to widen their horizons in STEM learning.