Champion for Statistical Project Competition for Four Consecutive Years


In the 2021/22 Statistical Project Competition organized by the Hong Kong Statistical Society and Education Bureau, our students have made incredible achievements to win three prestigious awards including the First Prize for the Senior Section. Along with our victories for the Junior Section in 2018/19, 2019/20 and 2020/21 respectively, SPKC has been the champion school for four consecutive years.

Junior Section Winners (right):

      Jasmine Seeto (4P), Ally Wong (4P), Larry Chan (4P)
      & Timothy Law (4J)

Project Title:
      “One-third Phenomenon” of the Poverty & Elderly

     1st Runner-up


For the Junior Section, four S3 students were awarded for their statistical poster which investigated the poverty and elderly in Hong Kong. For the Senior Section, four S5 students were awarded for their 24-page statistical report about the readiness of healthcare system for silver tsunami. Since all the members of the S5 team come from our Champion team in 2019/20, they have shown enduring perseverance to make further achievements this year.


Senior Section Winners (above):

      Henry Au-Yeung (6P), Omie Hung (6L), Yannis Fung (6L) & Felix Yim (6L)

Project Title:
      Healthcare System Ready for Silver Tsunami?

     First Prize
     Prize for the Best Graphical Presentation of Statistics



Apart from the trophies, our school name will be carved onto the “Memorable Shield for Champion School” which will be kept by the winning school for one year as a tradition of this competition. Since the memorable shield is fully carved with the names of champion schools and SPKC is the most frequent winner in the recent years, this memorable shield will be kept at our campus permanently. It is a great honor and recognition to Pooikeinians who have made continuous engagement in this inter-school competition. In particular, our students have made extraordinary efforts to overcome the challenges of social distancing during the suspension period of face-to-face lessons due to the pandemic outbreak. All the team members have collaborated closely to complete their sophisticated statistical researches by using instant messaging technology and web conference meeting.

In the past 14 years, our school has submitted 23 statistical projects and won 37 prestigious awards including 10 Champions as well as 10 Prizes for the Best Graphical Presentation of Statistics. Our students’ analytical mindset and presentation skills are polished through preparing for their statistical researches, final interviews and oral defense every year. This inter-school competition has become a unique tradition and invaluable learning experiences for different generations of Pooikeinians.