Awarded in various AI and STEM competitions


Artificial Intelligent (AI) is one of the major developing aspects in science and technology as it can be able to solve different complex daily-life situation. To explore the use of AI, a group of five S.4 students has joined the “Secondary School AI Competition 2019”, held by the Chinese University of Hong Kong and the SenseTime Group. They obtained the Third Prize among the 30 teams of competitors, which is encouraging.
Prize Presentation of “Secondary School AI Competition 2019” at the Chinese University of Hong Kong
The project of our students aims at showing the effectiveness of AI application on typhoon intensity forecast by comparing the results from the AI model with the errors of other existing models and meteorological agencies. They also need to present their project in front of the professors at the final stage of the competition.
The group of S.4 students and the presentation poster about their Typhoon Intensity Forecasting AI
Team Photo (From left to right): Mr Peter Yuen (the Principal), NG Wing Lam, SIN Wai Ka, CHENG Yi Ching, WAN Cheuk Wing, AU YEUNG Hiu Ching, Mr Harry Lau (Teacher)
Other than AI, our students also path the way to fuse science and art in practice. Another two groups of S.3 and S.5 students have joined the “Musical Instrument Design Competition”, hosted by the University of Hong Kong and the Arts and Technology Education Centre. There are more than 30 secondary schools joined the competition, and the group of S.5 students have received the Merit Award.
Team Photo (From left to right): Mr Peter Yuen (the Principal), WONG Yi Ching Venise, LAM Chun Ho, CHUNG Long Hang, CHENG King Lam Kris, LAU Sik Yu, Mr Harry Lau (Teacher)
The awarded project work was built on a celesta with some switches and buttons to control the time and the position for the marbles to fall on the celesta. They also need to demonstrate the way to control the instrument and have a music performance with their work on stage.
The group of S.5 students need to demonstrate the way to use their instrument in “Musical Instrument Design Competition”
Besides doing researches and making innovative inventions, science also involves detailed drawings, especially in Biology. Two of our S.4 students, CHAN Ching Chi and FOK Suet Wing have joined “the third Hong Kong Specimen Drawing Competition”, organised by Chinese University of Hong Kong and The Royal Society of Biology Hong Kong Branch. They have received the highly commended award and the merit award respectively.
Prize Presentation of “the third Hong Kong Specimen Drawing Competition” at the Chinese University of Hong Kong
The development of science and technology is ever improving. Learning science does not only train students’ logical thinking and truth-seeking spirit, but also guides students to use science in creating new things and contributing to society. The Science and Technology KLA in SPKC will continue to work hard in promoting science education and training the future scientist.