Awarded in the “AI Challenge – Weather Forecasting Competition”


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is famous for its ability in solving complex real-life problems. To explore the use of AI, a group of five S5 students has joined the “AI Challenge – Weather Forecasting Competition”, held by the Hong Kong Education City, Microsoft, Hong Kong Observatory and Hong Kong Meteorological Society. There are over 30 schools joined the competition, and they have received the Merit Award, which is encouraging.
Students need to forecast the hourly temperature at the Zero Carbon Building from 1200 to 2300 every day from 26 to 30 Nov 2018, based on the result of their trained AI models. They also need to present what they have learnt in a video and a presentation file.
As reflected by our students: “We have learnt the use of various mathematical models of artificial intelligence to predict our target variable. Also, we have learnt how to take advantage of the data selection to attain more favourable and accurate results, as well as how to apply mathematical skills to deal with exceptional conditions. Finally, teamwork is what makes all these possible!”
Learning AI will be a trend in education. The Science and Technology KLA in SPKC will continue to renovate our school-based curriculum to meet the needs of society, and encourage our students to challenge themselves through diversified learning activities and competitions.
Prize Presentation in Learning and Teaching Expo 2018 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre
Team photo (from left to right): Mr. Harry Lau (teacher), Lau Sik Yu, Lam Chun Ho, Tam Hoi Yeung, Cheng King Lam Kris, Lam Wing
Students apply AI models to solve the real life challenge
The team needs to meet every morning to make the final forecast