Awarded in Lightning Detector Design Competition


Awarded in Lightning Detector Design Competition
25 May 2013
Two groups of our students from S4 and S5 has joined the Lightning Detector Design Competition, organized by the University of Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Observatory and the Hong Kong Meteorological Society. Among over 40 groups of participants, both groups of our school are awarded. They meet and work weekly starting from December 2012. Their hard work and attitude of learning is highly appreciated.
S4 Group Name 隊名: S.C.L.E.D.
Members 成員:
S4-Grace LUN Li Yun Levin 倫禮云
S4-Grace CHOW Long Ting 周朗庭
S4-Grace FAN Lik Kee Samuel 范歷祈
S4-Grace LAI Tai Chun 黎大雋
S4-Faith LO Long Hin 盧朗軒
S4 Group Name 隊名: E.M.F
Members 成員:
S5-Peace WONG Chun Yeung 王俊揚
S5-Peace LAM Nok Hei 林諾僖
S5-Peace WONG Ching Fung 黃清豐
S5-Peace WONG Mike 黃宇騫
S5-Grace CHOI Yik Fei 蔡奕飛
The group of S5 students is awarded The Best Presentation Award. Their product detects the electromagnetic waves given out by the lightning. They spent a lot of hard work to design and deal with the elegant metal case.
The group of S4 students is awarded a Merit. Their product detects the lights given out by the lightning.
On the day of presentation, two groups of students were optimizing their products and preparing the slideshows for presentation.