Admission Briefing Day (2)


The Admission Briefing Days were held successfully on 28 and 29 November 2015. Over 2,500 visitors came to SPKC, including primary school students and parents, the general public and our beloved alumni.
The principal offered an introduction about our school, including our class structure, motto, activities, etc. To provide a more comprehensive perspective of what SPKC is like, S2 students and an alumnus (who just graduated from university) were invited to share about their lives in SPKC. I am sure not only parents, but students also found their sharing relatable. The principals have stayed behind after the Admission Briefing Sessions to answer questions raised by enthusiastic parents.
One of the highlights is our experiential learning sessions. Primary students can have a taste of S1 syllabus and learning mode in SPKC. Students are divided into classes for 2 lessons. An interactive approach was adopted and many of them have enjoyed the sessions. Through interacting with students from other primary school, participants, learned to express oneself in front of strangers and the importance of effective communication. They also had their curiosity fulfilled.
Our Admission Briefing Days are held annually mainly to provide information about admission. Activities held include workshops, exhibitions, laboratory demonstrations, performance, etc. Hope to see you next year.