A visit from Tai Wan Normal University


A visit from Tai Wan Normal University
16 May 2013
A group of Taiwan Teacher Librarians and keen educators, led by the Library Director of National Taiwan Normal University, visited SPKC Library in the morning on 16th Jun 2013, aiming at exchanging skills in the promotion of reading within schools. We shared how we utilize resources and rationales behind and we have learnt how they run reading programmes and their school libraries which shed light on how to even further our successful operation.
Principals, teachers and student representatives are more than proud to introduce our Library to the visitors.
Our principal, Mr. Peter Yuen (left) is presenting souvenirs to Ms. Chao-chen Chen, the Library Director from National Taiwan Normal University showing appreciation to their precious visit.
Mr. Ether Ho, our teacher librarian, is providing insights on how students enjoy Library services in their school life.
2 Faith Kitty(李逸怡)及2 Joy Kobe(梁景誠)以話劇形式,介紹本校學生一天之內,怎樣善用圖書館的資源及服務。
Kitty and Koby (From left to right) introduce how students in SPKC make good use of the services of the Library all day along in the format of dramatic duologue.
2 Joy Elaine(楊漪鈴)及4 Love Noelle(雷梓欣)以話劇形式,介紹圖書館為中三學生舉辦的升學及就業講座。
Elaine and Noelle (From left to right) role-playing students who attend the Career Guidance Talk held by the Library.
The love of reading is shown on eclass by book records students entered for the Chinese and English Reading Scheme.
Mr. Edmond Shiu is introducing how the library accommodates the needs of students with unique talents in planning and organizing activities.
How well you memorize data? Give it a try at our Memory Skill Promotion Game Stall!
Have you joined the bookcrossing event this year? The guests are impressed of this annual occasion where everyone in SPKC share our joy of reading.
The student librarians greeting our guests before they leave with big smiles and sincere hopes of having another chance of such visits again!
Student librarians who have participated in the event, overwhelmed with joy and gratitude, take pictures to signify the end of this valuable activity.