66th Hong Kong Schools Music Festival


Every year, many music lovers from different schools participate in Hong Kong School Music Festival. This year, SPKC musicians got a brilliant result from the 66th Hong Kong School Music Festival.
SPKC Choir got the Champion in Church Music – Chinese – Secondary School Choir – Age 14 or under. Choir members took this photo in front of the competition venue.
Veanna Law from 5Faith (Vice Chairperson of Music Association) and Michelle Suen from 5Peace (Chairperson of Music Association) got Champion from Piano Duet-Senior.
Veanna and Michelle took the picture with the Ms Michelle Lee, the adjudicator.
From left to right:
Natalie Yuen from 1 Grace (2nd runner up from Guitar solo),
Sherine Chu from 1 Joy (1st runner up from Clarinet Solo and 1st runner up from grade 7 Piano Solo)
Henry Chan from 3 Joy (2nd runner up from flute solo),
Joseph Lui from 2 Faith (1st runner up from grade 7 Piano Solo),
Newman Tai from 1 Peace (1st runner up from grade 6 Piano Solo),
Stephanie Tang from 3 Joy (representative of SPKC School Choir),
Veanna Law from 5 Faith and Michelle Suen from 5 Peace (Champion from Piano Duet-Senior)
Congratulations to all winners.