2nd Staff Development Day


The second staff development day was a fruitful experience for all our teachers. The SPKC Ted Talk, the presentation on being an entrepreneurial teacher at SPKC, and Teachers’ Fit 60 activity sessions provided opportunities for sharing, learning, and having fun together. All teachers enjoyed the day by bonding with each other and engaging in various programs. It was a constructive day that supported our continuous professional and personal growth.

SPKC Ted Talk


Mr. Lui shared about the automatic subtitle function in MS PowerPoint, showcasing a helpful technological tool.


Ms. Ho and Mr. Chang shared their passion and difficulties faced regarding the renovation of Atelier as well as the experience of being a kayaking athlete respectively.

Colleagues were impressed by Mr. Jimmy Wong’s “Walking the Talk” as he took the HKDSE to better understand the challenges the students may face. His initiative was greatly admired.

Being an Entrepreneurial Teacher at SPKC


Colleagues expressed keen interest in learning innovative and up-to-date lesson modules to help enhance student learning. The session provided valuable ideas.

Teachers’ Fit 60

By engaging in the Fit 60 activities, colleagues were able to relieve stress and start building a healthier lifestyle. The session encouraged holistic well-being.