20th Anniversary Open Days


◥▅◤ Welcome to Stewards Pooi Kei College. On behalf of the 4 houses, I sincerely express our warmest welcome to all our visitors. Wait.. Where did King House Committee Members go? 

◢▅◣ Could they be here? Or here?  It will be hard to find them because we have had more than 8,000 visitors coming during the 2 days! 

◥▅◤ EIGHT THOUSAND? How did we have the capacity to do that? 

◢▅◣ It takes hard work from all staff and students. We have prepared over 30 booths, rooms and activities for our visitors to have a good time. Here are the footage of some of the locations. You can see our student helpers are being awesome hosts to our guests. 

◥▅◤ I’m wondering what are some of the most popular booths, rooms or activities? 😉

◢▅◣ The politically correct answer is: THEY’RE ALL AWESOME… hehe but I’d share some of my personal favourites! 

Calligraphy Workshop
Han-Fu Wardrobe
Aviation Simulation
Student Band
Robot Obstacle Race

◥▅◤ Those are great! But what if our guests want to know more about us? I mean, really get to the bottom of us!

◢▅◣ Oh, well parents and children can join our School Tour and Admission Briefing Sessions. 

◥▅◤ That concludes the Open Days. Is that all for the celebration of 20th Anniversary? 🙁 

◢▅◣ Of course not! We have many events coming up. Stay tuned!