20th Anniversary kick-off ceremony


To celebrate the joy and gratitude of our school 20th Anniversary, the kick-off ceremony was held on 18th October, 2023.   

The aims of our 20th anniversary are ‘Thanksgiving, Students Nurturing, Way Forward and Promotional Development’. It is the time for us to count our blessings in the past 20 years, and prepare to devote ourselves to be the blessing for others.

The lighting up of SPKC20 represented the start of events that celebrate this important milestone.

The ceremony started with a drama that introduced the history and development of SPKC.
Students wore Tang Suit when playing the drama.

Student representatives introduced the 20th anniversary activities to all Pooikeinians.

All Pooikeinians sang ‘Give Thanks’ together to praise our Lord for the blessings in the past 20 years.

SPKC 20th Anniversary

Blessed to be a Blessing  數算恩典、成為祝福。